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Your New Favorite CMS

Surreal CMS is the fastest and easiest way to edit a website. It's the perfect tool for freelancers, web design agencies, or anyone with a website — and one of the few that features true inline editing!

How It Works

It's very simple — you don't even have to install anything! Just connect your website using FTP, SFTP, or Amazon S3. Then, tell Surreal which pages you want to edit by selecting them from a list.

You can control exactly which parts of the page you (or your clients) can edit by adding class="editable" in your pages. Only elements with this class can be modified — everything else will stay exactly the same.

Not comfortable editing code? No problem. You can also use our click-to-define editor to choose your content regions!


Safely Edit Content

Once your website is setup, you (and your clients) will only be able to edit the pages and content regions you've selected. This gives you the ability to make changes to your website's content without affecting its layout or design.

That should be enough to get you started. Don't forget to check out the other sections to learn more tips!

When you're ready to edit your own website, head on over to the admin panel and select Add a New Site from the sidebar.